You Won’t Believe How Much Horsepower This Demon Makes !?

The question is how much horsepower actually produces a bone stock 2018 Dodge Demon at the rear wheels. Well, now we have the answer, and also we have a perfect example in the video below.

2018 Dodge Demon

No doubt, this Demon is put on a dyno, with the rear wheels attached to the machine. They ‘we made several runs, with and without race fuel. First, with a 93-octane regular fuel and stock tune this Demon produced 727 horsepower and 652 lb.-ft. of torque.

After a few attempts, with a 116 high-octane fuel, the results are simply staggering. The Demon actually produced 780 horsepower and 720 lb.-ft. of torque at the rear wheels, which is insane. That is more than the official advertised numbers.  This video proves that the Demon is pure beast!


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