Watch The Original Footage Of This ’68 Camaro With A Giant Blower

You all remember of this red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro with the enormous blower, but who barely knows the real story behind this crazy Chevy. Thanks to the URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS YouTube channel we have the original footage, where the original owner of this Camaro explains how he came with the idea of installing that enormous blower on his Camaro.

68 Camaro With A Giant Blower

There are a lot of speculations on the internet about the pictures of this Camaro. But the owner explains that they’ve found this enormous blower in the junk yard, which was probably attached to a frame train. They had installed the blower and with some modifications they started the engine with no major issues.

This footage was recorded back in the 2006 and because nobody believes that this is actually a real blower installed on an engine, now the URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS will make an effort to make another, new video of this Camaro with the blower, proving that this Camaro is real. Enjoy the video below and stay tuned for the upcoming new videos.

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