Vintage & Modern 2006 “Steelers” Fastback Mustang

2006 “Steelers” Fastback Mustang

This 2006 “Steelers” Fastback Mustang is the latest creation of Duncan Brothers Customs, and what they have done, is actually a combination between a modern 2006 S197 Mustang GT base, upgraded with a classic ’67 body parts and all the details. The final product is this awesome, great looking Modern Vintage S197 “Steelers” Fastback Mustang.

2006 “Steelers” Fastback Mustang Engine


The body at this “Steelers” Fastback Mustang looks absolutely stunning. Painted in black with yellow Shelby Racing stripes along the body. As a contrast, the chromed trim gives additional depth to the black body color. Inside we can notice already well-known S197 interior, therefore there is everything needs to one modern muscle car.

2006 “Steelers” Fastback Interior

Under the hood, this “Steelers” Fastback Mustang is powered by a modern Ford Performance V8 engine, with an automatic transmission system. The awesome stance comes from the awesome American Racing wheels wrapped with a mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T tires. All the wheels are secured with power disk brakes. Enjoy the video!

source: Duncan Brothers Customs

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