Ultra Rare 1968 Yenko Camaro SS with 396 Big-Block

1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS Front

Three things define this 1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS, rarity, quality, and the powerful engine under the hood. The American Muscle Car Museum has an excellent taste in classic muscle cars. We can see that by looking at this precious unconverted 1968 Chevy COPO Camaro that was ordered by Yenko.

1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS Interior

First, let’s explain what COPO is. The COPO abbreviation stands for Central Office Production Orders that means some kind of special order vehicle. 1968 model year is part of the first generation of Camaros (1966 – 1969) with only two different body styles – 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible. Classified as a pony car, this Camaro is built on a GM F-body platform.

1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS Engine

In ‘68 Don Yenko ordered 70 Camaros, from which six of those left unconverted, two of those six are still in existence, this Rally Green 1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS, is one of those two. Lots of different engines were available for the first generation of Camaros, but this Yenko Camaro is powered by a GM’s 396 cubic-inch, big-block V8 engine, rated at 375 horsepower and 415 lb.-ft. of torque.

1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS Back

The engine is attached by a Muncie M21 four-speed manual transmission with a 3.73 gear ratio rear-end. Underneath it is equipped with a heavy-duty F41 suspension package and disk brakes at the front. The wheels are Pontiac 14-inch with F70-14 Red-Line tires and a small Y letter at the center. This1968 Yenko Camaro 396 SS, at the time, can achieve an impressive low eleven 1/4 mile time.

source: American Muscle Car Museum

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