This 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda beats every modern muscle!

1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda

This 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda looks like every other classic Mopar, and probably you will say “nothing special, an ordinary AAR Cuda with 340 engine and drag radials”. However, don’t be fooled, although this AAR Cuda looks naïve, it is a pure beast with a serious engine under the hood.

1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda Hemi engine

Actually, this ’70 AAR Cuda under the hood it is powered by naturally aspirated all-aluminum 528 cubic-inch, 8.65-liter Mopar HEMI V8 engine. With a Dual Quad intake, stage 5 Mopar heads and 93-octane fuel, this engine generates 10:1 compression and over 700 horsepower. The owner explains that his best 1/4 mile time is 9.30 second, which is insanely quick. He is racing in 9.50 and 10.0 index class and amazingly, he won in both classes. Enjoy the race!


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