This 1969 Roadrunner is 10-Second Sleeper

1969 Roadrunner Front

The 1969 Roadrunner was a car that brought many people together through their passion for speed and power. One such example is the father and son duo of Chris and Adam, who built a 10-second sleeper out of stock Roadrunner they bought in 2006. Their story is even more remarkable considering they live in the United Kingdom, where American muscle cars are rare and expensive.  

1969 Roadrunner Back

The interior of this 1969 Roadrunner also was completely disassembled and built from the beginning. They have upholstered the seats and the headliner with new black vinyl. Inserted new roll bars and safety harnesses, new carpet, and rebuilt the dashboard.   

Chris and Adam started by swapping the original 383ci V8 engine with a 440ci V8 that they rebuilt with high-performance parts. The 440-block got new Indy aluminum heads, a new camshaft, an aluminum intake, and an MSD ignition.  

They also upgraded the 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission with Dana 60 rear-end, suspension, Wilwood brakes, and exhaust system to handle the extra power. The result was a stunning 660hp beast that could run the quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds at 125 mph. The car still looks mostly stock, except for the A12-style hood with a large scoop that feeds air to the triple-carburetor setup.  

1969 Roadrunner Interior

The father and son team enjoy taking their Roadrunner to various drag racing events and car shows, where they often surprise other competitors and spectators with their car’s performance. This classic Mopar runs ¼ mile in 10.8 seconds at 120 mph.   

1969 Roadrunner 440 engine

They also share their love for Mopars with other enthusiasts and have made many friends along the way. The Roadrunner is more than just a car for them; it’s a bond that connects them through their hobby and their heritage. They are proud of their creation and plan to keep it in the family for generations to come.  Enjoy the video below.


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