The Original 1971 Dodge Demon 340 In Factory Hemi Orange

Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous 1971 Dodge Demon, which has been completely restored in his factory condition. This Demon belongs to the fourth generation of the Dodge Dart and was produced between the 1967 and 1976. It was built on a Chrysler’s A-body platform which shares the same platform as the Plymouth Duster.

The Original 1971 Dodge Demon 340 In Factory Hemi Orange

This particular 1971 Dodge Demon has factory Hemi Orange body color with chromed details. The matte black hood with two hood scoops, black side stripes and the Demon 340 logo, are the details which define this ’71 Demon.  Because this Demon is light and nimble the powerful engine under the hood makes him even more desirable.

Speaking of the engine, this 1971 Dodge Demon is powered by a Chrysler’s 340 cubic-inch, 5.6 liter LA small-block V8 engine. This engine with four-barrel carburetor produces 275 horsepower and 340 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine is attached by a four-speed manual transmission, which sends the power at the rear wheels. Also, this Demon is equipped with 14-inch Classic Mopar Rally wheels wrapped with Road Max Delta GT tires.

Video source: Southern Hot Rods LLC

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