The New 70 SS Muscle Car by Trans Am Worldwide

70 SS Front

Trans Am Worldwide, is a company that has for a long time been in business with making brand-new versions of some of the most famous muscle cars in American automotive history such as the Trans Am 455 Super Duty. Recently, they revealed to the public their latest creation. It’s about a new version (tribute) of what some called, “The King of the Muscle Cars” or as we know, the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport. Now, this new tribute version is named 70 SS and immediately we must say it is astonishing.  

70 SS Back

The exterior of this 70 SS model follows the principles of the classic 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS design, with all the details, such as the legendary front grille with the dual head lumps, the Cowl Induction hood, and racing stripes along the body. At the back, there are only the tiny recognizable modernized taillights and the SS badge. Nothing crazy, a synergy of modern and classic design. But the most important thing is the fact that all body panels are made of carbon fiber. 

70 SS Interior

The interior, on the other hand, we might say is the only thing in this new 70 SS model that completely differentiates from the original classic design. However, it is well-equipped and comfortable, as in every luxury sports car, with high-quality leather seats, a digital dashboard, and all other modern gadgets.  

The most powerful attitude of this modern legendary muscle car is the engine under the hood. Therefore, Trans Am Worldwide has to offer several engines on its menu. Basic Chevrolet’s LT1-based 6.2-liter V8 engine with 450 horsepower. The second option is the same 6.2-liter engine but supercharged, which produces 650 horsepower. The third option is a Magnuson supercharged 396 cubic inch LS6/X V8 engine, producing powerful 800 horsepower at the wheels.  

The fourth option is a twin-turbo 454 cubic inch LS6/X V8 engine that puts around 1000 horsepower at the rear wheels. And the last version is custom-built with forged internals 454 cubic inch LS6/X with Precision twin Turbo 68-70 dual ball bearing, that produces massive 1500 horsepower at the rear wheels which will be limited to only 25 units. The other goodies at this legend are transmissions which can be automatic or 6XD sequential racing gearbox, 20-inch custom wheels equipped with Michelin Cup 2R tires, and powerful 6-piston Wilwood brakes with vented rotors. Our conclusion, this 70 Chevelle SS model is a powerful masterpiece that equally can be driven on daily bases or at the drag strip.


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