The Holy Grail 1971 Dodge Challenger RT 426 HEMI Mr. Norm’s

1971 Dodge Challenger RT 426 HEMI Mr. Norm's

This 1971 Dodge Challenger RT 426 HEMI is of the most celebrated American classic muscle car and equipped with the most famous V8 ever produced. However this particular 1971 Dodge Challenger 426 HEMI is Holy Grail among Mopar enthusiasts, it is factory triple black and was purchased from Mr. Norms brand new, at Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago back in the days.

1971 Dodge Challenger RT 426 HEMI Mr. Norm's

If you bought a based Dodge Challenger RT back in the days, it would come with 383 Magnum under the hood, which is not a bad engine at all. This ’71 Challenger RT is powered by a 426 HEMI machine. The great thing about the HEMI is that it was never reduced, with no low-compression, no low-performance version of a previous one. The 426 HEMI stayed high-compression with 425 horsepower, all that was until the end of its production.

In 1971 only 71 people signed an order to buy a brand new 1971 426 HEMI powered Dodge Challenger R/T. Only 13 of them got an automatic transmission, the other 58 bought the Hurst shifted 4-speed just like the one we have here. Also is equipped with Dana 60 rear-end super track pack with 4.10 gears. Besides the black exterior, this vehicle has a black interior as well, which makes this car even more attractive for Mopar enthusiasts.

source: V8TV

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