Win This 1000 Horsepower One and Only 2017 Challenger HellScat

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, at the moment is the most powerful muscle car ever produced. But the Dream Giveaway Team have built even more powerful, the HellScat. This one and only HellScat model is built, to pay a… Continue Reading

Watch this Drag Race between Stock Hellcat Challenger vs Boosted Mustang GT

We love these drag races, especially when we have some of the finest American muscle cars. This time we have boosted 2017 Ford Mustang GT and on the other side the well-known Hellcat Challenger. What can we expect from these… Continue Reading

Stock Hellcat Challenger VS Hennessey HPE750 ZL1 Camaro

Stock Hellcat Challenger VS Hennessey¬†HPE750 ZL1 Camaro Hennessey Performance has improved the engine power of the most powerful modern muscle cars, like the Corvette Z06, the new ZL1 Camaro and of course the Hellcat Challenger. And they are providing a… Continue Reading