Stunning 1972 Dodge Demon Hellcat Swap

1972 Dodge Demon Back

Many times, before we have written about custom Charger, Challenger, Coronet, and other Mopar muscle cars, but never about a classic 1972 Dodge Demon. Now here we are with this incredibly loud and powerful, classic and custom bright red “color code FE5” 1972 Dodge Demon. And as you can see from the video below it can’t be more customized than this, especially with that extraordinary and powerful Hellcat engine under the hood.  

1972 Dodge Demon Interior

The interior of this awesome 1972 Dodge Demon was fully updated with a new black and comfortable vinyl upholstery, a conformable front bench seat, and a minimalistic design. It also includes custom gauges such as a GPS Speedometer, oil, water, and trans gauges at the bottom of the dashboard, and a TCI automatic shifter. However, this interior looks perfectly clear, and stock, which matches the overall classic style.   

1972 Dodge Demon Engine

Under the hood there is a modern 370 cubic-inch SRT HEMI Hellcat small-block crate V8 engine, producing 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. The power of the engine is transferred at the rear axle via GM 4L180 automatic transmission with TCI electronic control. The 15-inch Cragar S/S Mag small bolt wheels are wrapped with sticky Mickey Thompson Slicks at the back. The stopping power includes modern vented Wilwood power disc brakes on all four wheels. Enjoy the video below.


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