Mesmerizing Custom 1968 Plymouth Barracuda “Hemi-S”

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S Rear

You don’t see every day this kind of 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, because this is not an ordinary ‘Cuda. This Barracuda Formula S, was designed and built by Garret’s Rod Shop in Columbus, Ohio, and they have created a true custom masterpiece so-called “Hemi-S”.

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S Interior

The exterior of this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda has a slick body style with impressive silver metallic body color and awesome Hemi-S graphics at the rear fenders. The mind-blowing interior was done by Tracy River and is simply staggering with the red leather interior and all those custom 3D-print details.

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi-S Engine

Under the hood, it is powered by a Chrysler’s 372-cubic-inch, 6.1 liter Gen-3 small-block V8 engine. With Magnuson Supercharged this Mopar produces more than 600 horsepower. Complete electronics are made by RonFrancisWiring. Underneath it is equipped with Art Morrison Chassis, Wildwood brakes on all wheels and awesome gun-metal Billet Specialty 20-inch rear and 18- inch front wheels, wrapped with Falken tires.

source: RonFrancisWiring

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