Magnuson TVS 2650 Supercharged Chevy Camaro SS with 1150 RWHP

This is the latest Magnuson Superchargers creation, and as a base, they have chosen the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS. First, we must admit that this Camaro with the twin throttle body blower raised above the hood, it looks absolutely awesome.

Magnuson TVS 2650 Supercharged Chevy Camaro SS

From the technical point of view, this Camaro is a pure beast when it comes horsepower numbers, because it is producing a whopping 1153 horsepower at the rear wheels. So let’s see what is behind this enormous engine power. Under the hood there is a custom built GM’s 416 cubic-inch, 6.8-liter Stroker small-block LT1 V8 engine, with Manley Products Stroker Kit and Livernois Performance ported heads and cam.

On top there is a Magnuson TVS 2650 Supercharger with twin 90mm throttle bodies that can produce 23psi. This Camaro also it is equipped with a 8-speed automatic transmission, skinnies at front and Mickey Thompson drag radial tires in the back. Whit this configuration, and running only at 14-15 psi and 955RWHP, this Camaro achieved a 1/4 mile time of 9.64 seconds @ 151.6 MPH.

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