How To Build Horsepower on Ford 461 Windsor V8

How To Build Horsepower on Ford 461 Windsor V8

How to build horsepower on Ford’s 461 cubic-inch Windsor V8 big-block.

Today we are going to make a small overview of what is important while building horsepower on a Ford 461 cubic-inch Windsor V8 base engine. This job is done by Dandy Engines from Australia which are the experts in this field. The goal of this project is to achieve around 820 horsepower on a premium unleaded 98-octane pump fuel.

How To Build Horsepower on Ford 461 Windsor V8 dyno

First of all the most important is to choose the right components for your project. As we have mentioned before the base for this project is Ford’s 461 cubic-inch small-block Windsor V8 made by Dart. The build starts with the Callies steel crank (4.25” stroke) which will be synchronized with Dandy’s custom 54mm CompCams solid roller cam. In between are installed Diamond 12.5:1 forged pistons with CHI Kaase alloy CNC ported cylinder heads above. The engine breaths via CHI ported intake manifold with the BRE Competition 1150cfm carburetor.

The beauty of this “How to build horsepower” project, it’s to make an orchestra, which will produce a beautiful symphony played by all engine parts. The end result is naturally aspirated Ford’s 461 cubic-inch big-block Windsor V8 engine. With some fine adjustments, the engine is capable of generating an astonishing 869 horsepower and 664 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine will be installed in a Ford Falcon XD/XF Ute.

Video source: Fullboost

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