Ghost Black 1970 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet

1970 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet Back

Today we are featuring this stealth-looking 1970 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet. Before we move forward, we must mention that this is a super rare Classic Mustang, one of only 42 pieces ever produced. This all-original 1970 Mustang has a triple black combination, with a simple smooth body. And probably you have already noticed, there is no hood scoop, front splitter below the front bumper, or spoiler at the rear decklid. Only a chromed trim and bumpers give a nice contrast to the black body.   

1970 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet Interior

The interior is beautiful and comfortable. Inside this classic 1970 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet Fastback there is complete black vinyl upholstery with bucket seats up front. There is no center console in between, however, it is equipped with a heater, am radio, and Hurst manual shifter. So, it is simple and black, with the same philosophy as the exterior.    

1970 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet Engine

This awesome classic pony muscle car is powered by the legendary Ford’s 428 cubic-inch, 7.0-liter Super Cobra Jet big-block V8 engine. From the factory, the 428 Super Cobra Jet is rated at 335 horsepower and 440 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine is attached to a 4-speed manual transmission with Traction-Lok 3.91 rear gears. The awesome stance comes from the 14″ steel wheels with hubcaps and is wrapped with Defender SRX+4 tires. Also, it is equipped with power front disc brakes. Enjoy the video below.   


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