Finally! New Owner takes Dodge Demon at the Drag Strip!

This is what we have all waiting for. Until now, the Dodge Demon, was taken at the drag strip by the press and the Chrysler official, but now we have a real owner of this horsepower beast at the strip. And, of course the question is how quickly can cross the 1/4 mile? We hope that the official time of 9.65 will be improved, without any kind of modifications.

Dodge Demon at the Drag Strip

But first, it will take a time the owners master and unleash the real potential of this beast. And as we can see on the video bellow the Demon is really fast. On the second run the Demon achieved 1/8 mile time of 6.6 seconds at 104 mph, and was significantly faster than the Hellcat. We hope, in a few weeks the official factory 1/4 mile time will be improved.

Video source: Sinister Life

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