Factory Experimental 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX 427 Drag Car

This 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX 427 is a piece of Mercury Drag Racing history. Drag Racing was extremely popular back in the 1960’s, and the companies were trying to add a new class – super stock, to their production lines. Super stock was a drag racing class, and the vehicles were made from factory installed parts that ran much harder than the costumer versions.

In addition to the car’s name, the companies were adding “FX”, which stands for “Factory Experimental”. This particular one has a fiberglass ‘tear-drop’ hood, fiberglass fenders, and fiberglass bumper in the front. Under the hood of this 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX 427, there is a dual quad 427 cubic-inch big-block V8 engine creating over 425 horsepower.

The transmission is a 4-speed manual, which is connected to a locking rear-end. From the inside of the car, there is almost nothing only a few most needed things. Because of the weight reduction, this Mercury Comet is equipped with mostly performance gadgets such as Rotunda rev counter, pressure gauges, Hurst shifter. Also deleting ac unit and radio. This is a rare car, one of only 21 A/FX cars built by Mercury.

source: V8TV

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