Dodge Demon 1/4 Mile Time with Hennessey Behind the Wheel

Today we have a bone stock Dodge Demon in the hands of the world’s famous tuner, Hennessey. He will try to test the Demon on 1/4 mile, without trans brake and racing fuel. Only on a regular 93 octane Shell V Power, fuel.

Dodge Demon 1/4 Mile Time

Because now the Dodge Demon runs on a pump gas, and it is not unlocked the full potential, now are active only 808 horsepower and 717 lb.-ft. of torque. With this power, he manages to achieve 1/4 mile time of 10.80 seconds @ 129.98 mph.


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  1. I love the whole angle of dodge with this demon, brilliance. I am hoping that the published times are achieved, and not for the professional driver alone. Like the tesla, everyone wants the quarter mile playback. Can’t stand on legendary status quite yet in my opinion.

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