Check This Bad Boy Procharged 1967 Ford Mustang

Today we have an absolutely gorgeous bad boy 1967 Ford Mustang in Baby Blue color and chrome details. This ’67 Mustang it looks super clean in his classic body with only rear wing and custom hood with a heat extractor because of the powerful engine underneath.

Baby Blue 1967 Ford Mustang Street Racer

On the other side as we can notice the interior has been modified. Inside this Mustang there are roll cage bars, bucket sport seats with safety harnesses, Hurst shifter and performance gauges. But the main changes at this Mustang are made under the hood.

This Baby Blue 1967 Ford Mustang Street Racer is powered by a Ford’s 370 cubic-inch small-block V8 engine. Although this engine is small it’s getting a ton of boost from the F1X Procharger, which makes this small-block engine pretty much powerful. Also, there are Mickey Thompson ET Drag Radial tires for excellent traction on the drag strip.

Video source: Javier Padron

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