Would You Buy $85,000 Dodge Demon, Or Would You Upgrade the Hellcat Like This One?

Would You Buy $85,000 Dodge Demon, Or Would You Upgrade the Hellcat Like This One?

With the announcement of the 2018 Dodge challenger SRT Demon, which will start to be available at the Chryslers dealer ship from the beginning of the 2018. The price of the Hellcat Challenger went down, which now cost around $64,000. The question is would you buy the new Dodge Demon, or would you upgrade the Hellcat like this one?

Yes, we all know that the Demon right now is the hottest and the most powerful factory production V8 muscle car ever produced. But also the Demon cost around $85,000 which is 21k more than the Hellcat. Although it’s a Challenger, we can’t deny that the Demon it is equipped with some awesome and unique features. Like the grabber hood, drag suspension, drag radials, racing kit, factory tuned ECU, Trans Brake, A/C cooled engine, 840 horsepower, 9.65 second 1/4 mile and a lot more.


But on the other side, if you have to put from 5 to 10 grand mods on your Hellcat, you might end up with also 9 seconds and 1000 horsepower Challenger, just like this one, in the video. Well, let’s see what kind of mods has this hellcat. The upper and the lower pulleys have been changed, E85 tune, Legmaker intake, 3-way adjustable Bilstein shocks, Weld racing wheels equipped with Mickey Thompson ET street radial tires at the back and other stuff. At the end this question, it’s a personal choice, would you go for a stock Demon or you will play with your Hellcat.

Source: Vehicle Virgins

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