Bitchin 1965 Chevy Nova II with 750 Horsepower LS

1965 Chevy Nova II with 750 Horsepower LS Side

There is no such thing as easy and fast building project muscle car, but with a huge commitment, love, and of course with a lot of money, everything is possible. Here we have a custom build 1965 Chevy Nova II, where, as you can see from the video below, is one badass American muscle car that deserves decent respect.

1965 Chevy Nova II with 750 Horsepower LS Back

Before moving on, we must mention that thanks to @AutotopiaLA we can bring you closer, some of the most awesome custom-built classic muscle cars. So let’s dig in! The exterior of this Classic Chevrolet has an awesome white body color and awesome stance. There are zero modifications to the body which give one pure classic look.

1965 Chevy Nova II with 750 Horsepower LS Interior

However the interior has been dramatically redesigned, but there is the right amount of modifications and nothing too crazy. The interior is designed and executed by TMI. It has a gorgeous red, black and white leather combination and a simple classic dashboard upgraded with modern Dakota Digital gauges. Everything else inside is pure comfort.

1965 Chevy Nova II with 750 Horsepower LS Engine

The owner @jon_henson equipped this 1965 Chevy Nova II  with a Chevy based Blueprint 366 cubic-inch, 6.0 liter LS3 small-block V8 engine. With Magnuson TVS 2300 supercharger on top, this engine produces a massive 750 horsepower at the crank. The power from the engine is transferred via TCI Stage-3 automatic transmission connected with a Currie 9-inch rear-end. The two-tone 18-inch NewGen wheels are wrapped with Falken tires and all secured with Wilwood disk brakes.

source: AutotopiaLA

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