Check this Beautiful 400 Horsepower 1972 Chevy Nova 350 Rally

There is nothing better than the old school American muscle. However, choosing the right one, well that depends on your personal attitude. Today we have this flawless and completely restored 1972 Chevy Nova, which Jeff had restored by himself. In addition, the most important, this Nova has been restored and modified with period correct performance parts.

Beautiful 400 Horsepower 1972 Chevy Nova Interior

As you can see, this beautiful ’72 Nova has a gold painted body, which is combined with a gorgeous white interior. On the other side, you cannot tell that there is a powerful engine under the hood. That is because Jeff had used period correct performance parts, which look stock.

Speaking of the Driveline, this Nova is equipped with a Chevrolet’s 350 cubic-inch, 5.7 small-block V8 engine. This engine is factory rated at 165 horsepower, but with the mods, the engine actually produces 400 horsepower. In addition, it is attached by a 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission. Enjoy the video.

400 Horsepower 1972 Chevy Nova 350 Engine

Source Roads Untraveled

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