750 Horsepower 1965 Ford Mustang Devious Pro-Touring

1965 Ford Mustang Devious Pro-Touring Front

Today we present you with this, custom-built Pro-Touring 1965 Ford Mustang so-called Devious, which is another masterpiece by Timeless Customs. This pony is the younger brother of the Vicious Mustang, the custom pony muscle car that became world-famous with his eccentric style and crazy powerful engine under the hood.   

1965 Ford Mustang Devious Pro-Touring Rear

However, this 1965 Ford Mustang Devious is nothing less than his older brother, but it has its own style and qualities. The body is super clean, without any crazy body modifications, it has a deep blue body color with a black hood, black front splitter, and black rear spoiler. Nothing overkill, the simple style makes this ‘65 Mustang very attractive and unique.     

1965 Ford Mustang Devious Pro-Touring Interior

Inside this Devious 1965 Ford Mustang, we can see a modernized interior, something that we usually find in modern supercars. Alcantara Sparco sports bucket seats with safety harnesses and Sparco Alcantara steering wheel, modern gauges, a simple center section with a manual shifter, Alcantara door panels, and a safety roll cage.    

1965 Ford Mustang Devious Pro-Touring Engine

However, the biggest surprise is hiding under the hood, a Ford Coyote V8 engine with forged internals and Edelbrock Force Supercharger on top is the secret recipe for this Stang. This Coyote engine generates 632 horsepower at the rear wheels and probably 750 at the crank. Tremec T56 6-speed manual transmission with CenterForce clutch is attached by a Strange center section with Currie gears. Underneath it is equipped with a Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame suspension, connected to matte black 5-spoke Forgeline wheels wrapped with Toyo Proxes R888-R tires and all secured with Brembo 15-inch carbon-ceramic rotors and 6-piston calipers.  

source: AutotopiaLA

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