208 MPH 1970 Plymouth Cuda – The Fastest Cuda in the World

208 MPH 1970 Plymouth Cuda – The Fastest Cuda in the World

Probably some of our reader’s already have read about this 200 mph 1970 Plymouth Cuda, which made his first appearance in the public at the 2009 SEMA motor show. But today we will go deeply with the details about this Super Cuda. This 200 mph ‘Cuda project was built by Legendary Motorcar Company, which they’ve built this Cuda with one purpose only, to achieve speed over 200 mph.

208 MPH 1970 Plymouth Cuda

The design of this Super Cuda was made by the legendary car designer Chip Foose, everything else like the body, suspension, engine and the interior were made by the LMC team. The body lies on the specially designed chassis, which can withstand the speeds over 200 mph. The body has a simple but effective design.

In front the main role has the splitter at the bottom, which stabilize the front end, and pushes the cold air under the hood for cooling the turbochargers and the engine. At the back, there is a small spoiler and a massive diffuser which are the key components for keeping stable this Cuda at the speed of 200 mph. The interior is simple as possible, bucket sports seats with safety harnesses, safety roll cage bars, simple dash with only necessary gauges and all that because of the weight reduction.

The LMC team has powered this 1970 Plymouth Cuda with a Twin-Turbo Chryslers 522 cubic-inch long-block V10 engine. This Viper V10 engine with additional two Precision turbochargers generate more than 1000 horsepower. All that power is transferred at the rear wheels via Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission. The special Forgeline ZX3R wheels are with dimensions of 18×11 at front and rear 19×13, equipped with Pirelli PZERO tires, while the high performance Stop Tech six-piston brakes and slotted rotors ensures safety in braking.

The top speed of this Super Cuda was tested on the oval track at the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan. The Chrysler engineers have spent several hours inspecting this Cuda before they’ve given an approval for using the track. After several attempts, they have achieved a top speed of 208 mph, which officially make this Cuda the fastest in the world.

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