2021 Hemi Cuda Reality or Fantasy ???

2021 Hemi Cuda Concept Render Front

Over the past year, rumors were circulating on the internet about the new 2021 Hemi Cuda, although Chrysler so far has not confirmed the possibility of producing the new Hemi Cuda model.  So what rumors are saying so far, and could this legendary Mopar become reality?

2021 Hemi Cuda Concept Render Main

First of all, we have render photos, from which we can notice that it looks spectacular. From the shape and size, it probably would be built on the same platform as the current Dodge Challenger, which is for expectation if we consider the previous model. The front-end has a narrow face with a similar headlight design as the Challenger, also a shaker hood and a fender gill vents.

2021 Hemi Cuda Concept Render Rear

At the rear the design is amazing, it reminds of the classic ’72 challenger. The whole section is razed a little bit higher, well-executed, and there is a small spoiler and diffuser at the bottom. If this Hemi Cuda somehow become reality, it would be an instant bestseller and main attraction.

In the end the rumors about the possible powertrain that would be installed in this 2021 Hemi Cuda. First, that is mentioned in the standard SRT Hellcat engine which always gives plenty of horsepower and has been proven as the best V8 engine ever produced. Second is the version of the RedEye, in other words, an engine that would have around 800 horsepower. And the last one speculations appoint at the Supercharged 426 cubic-inch Hellephant engine whit 1000 horsepower.

In the end, our conclusion about this 2021 Hemi Cuda is that, if becomes reality, that would be great for every Mopar guy, muscle car enthusiasts, and general automotive scene. However, Chrysler has the last word and they will decide if this model will be revived or will stay in history as one of the most legendary Mopar’s ever produced.

source: internet

render photos source: artstation


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