2018 Dodge Demon – Prerelease Review and Expectations

2018 Dodge Demon – Prerelease Review and Expectations

We have only one week left until the 2018 Dodge Demon will be officially presented at the New York International Auto Show (April 14, 2017). And just like the Hellcat before, the Demon will overtake the title for the most powerful factory production muscle car ever produced. Today, we will not go deeply into the Demon’s specifications, but we will make a small overview of what we have learned so far, from the official Dodge videos.

The body of the Demon will come with wider fender flares, that’s because will be equipped with specially designed 18-inch lightweight SRT rims, which will carry unique P315/40R 18 NT05R Nitto street-legal drag radials on the rear wheels. The black hood will have 45 square-inch hood scoop, which will deliver cold and fresh air into the forced induction system. The overall weight will be 215 pounds lighter than the current Hellcat.

The Demon will have completely new suspension, which will maximize the traction of the rear wheels and also keeping them under control which will prevent overspin. This will be managed thru advance Launch Mode engine management system and will deliver up to 35 percent better traction of the rear wheels than the Hellcat. Because of the brutal engine force, the complete rear drive line will be made of high quality steel which will increase torque capacity strength up to 30 percent.

In the latest video, we have seen something that nobody has ever done before on a factory production vehicle. Dodge will equip the Demon with factory freon-cooled air, which will go directly in the supercharger. In other words, when the Drag Mode will be activated the cold air produced by the A/C unit, instead of going in the cabin, will be redirected to the supercharger. This time we will not speak about the engine performance, instead we will wait the Dodge officials to come out with the final numbers, which is one week from today.

Photo source: Carscoops

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