1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Fully Documented & Restored

1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Front

The 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 is one of the most sought-after and collectible classic Mustangs ever made. It was the last and most powerful of the Boss series, designed to compete in the Trans-Am racing series. Only 1,806 Boss 351s were produced in 1971, making them rare and valuable today.

This particular car is even more special, as it is one of only six Boss 351s that came with a stunning combination of white paint, black Mach 1 bucket seats, and chrome Magnum 500 wheels. It is also one of only 14 white Boss 351s with black Mach 1 seats and one of only 120 white Boss 351s in total. This car is a true unicorn among Mustangs, and it has been restored to its original glory with meticulous attention to detail.

1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Back

The heart of this car is the correct 351 cubic inch Ford V8 engine, which was rated at 330 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. The engine features a four-barrel carburetor, a high-performance camshaft, a solid lifter valve train, an aluminum intake manifold, and forged pistons. The engine is paired with a Toploader four-speed manual transmission, which delivers the power to the rear wheels through a Traction-Lok differential.

1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Engine

This 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 also has manual steering, which gives it a direct and responsive feel on the road. The brakes are power-assisted, with discs in the front and drums in the rear. The suspension is the Competition Suspension package, which includes heavy-duty springs, shocks, sway bars, and staggered rear shocks. The car handles like a dream, with a perfect balance of agility and stability.

The car also has an aftermarket exhaust system that adds extra horsepower and gives the car a throaty rumble. The exhaust system consists of long-tube headers and welded turbo mufflers. The car sounds as good as it looks and drives.

1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Dashboard

The interior of this car is equally impressive, with black Clarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Mach 1 bucket seats that are comfortable and supportive. The dashboard features a tachometer, an oil pressure gauge, and an ammeter. The car also has a Hurst shifter, a rim-blow steering wheel, and a Philco AM radio.

This 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 is fully documented with a Marti Report and other paperwork that verify its authenticity and history. This car is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Mustang history that combines style, speed, and exclusivity. This car is not for the faint of heart or the light of wallet, but for the true enthusiast who appreciates the beauty and power of this legendary machine. Luckily this car is up for sale. For more details please check the link at RK Motors Charlotte.

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