1970 Plymouth Superbird in Lime Light and Powered by 426 Hemi

1970 Plymouth Superbird Front

This 1970 Plymouth Superbird is the most beautiful, clean, and pristine Superbird we have ever seen. The owner of this beautiful bird bought this super rare American muscle car, brand new back in 1970, and since then she keeps this gorgeous muscle car in factory condition, although it was painted and rust protected a few years ago.    

1970 Plymouth Superbird Side

1970 Plymouth Superbird Interior

The owner explains that before she decided to buy this ‘70 Superbird, she wanted a Muscle car that nobody can have and it is super-fast. Therefore, she decided to go with this Superbird which actually even after 50 years this 1970 Plymouth Superbird is more powerful and faster than most of the modern muscle and sports cars.   

1970 Plymouth Superbird Engine

Several most important things about this 1970 Plymouth Superbird. First, the body is painted in the most desirable color, FJ5 LimeLight. Back in the ’70s, this car was bought brand new for $4800. It is powered by the most legendary V8 engine ever built, the Hemi Elephant. Third, because of its super aerodynamic body, it can reach a top speed of 200mph, and finally, as we mentioned earlier, nowadays this Plymouth Superbird can reach a price up to seven figures. 

source: ScottieDTV

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