1970 Dodge Mutant Bee – The Coolest Super Bee Ever Made

1970 Dodge Mutant Bee

Here we go again with another masterpiece created by a Muscle Rod Shop team, but this time is 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee. This heavily modified Super Bee is a result of a good idea and creativity which have affected the body, interior, suspension and of course the engine.

Building it from scratch this 1970 Dodge Super Bee has evolved in the “Radioactive Mutant Bee” which is awesome looking muscle car. As you can see this Mutant Bee has his own personality which is characterized with unique “Mutant Green” pearl body color, lowered body, custom hood air vents, big wheels, radioactive Super Mutant Bee logo and between tail lights its written “Dodge” with large letters.

1970 Dodge Mutant Bee

This 1970 Dodge Mutant Bee is powered by a modern 2007 Chrysler 6.1 liter V8 HEMI engine which generates 598 horsepower at 6,600 rpm and 510 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,300 rpm, the chassis has been reinforced to withstand such an enormous power. The engine is attached by Richmond six speed manual transmission system which spin the 9-inch Ford rear axle. All four Centerline Lazer II wheels are equipped with Yokohama S drive with dimensions 235/40R18 front and 285/20R20 rear tires. While the braking system is made by Wilwood.

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