1969 AMC Javelin 290 HO SST – Story That Last Forever

Who says that the classic American cars don’t last forever? This is a real story about the 1969 AMC Javelin 290 HO SST and the love that keeps this piece of history nearly half a century. We are going back in 1969, when this Javelin was produced and purchased by the original owner.

1969 AMC Javelin HO 290 SST Front

At that time this Javelin was purchased from a dealership in Matador Red color and with an SST package, which means Super Sports Touring. This SST package had some minor changes on trim and comfort items, but not affect the engine at all.

1969 AMC Javelin HO 290 SST Side

As time goes by, after 15 years, in 1984 the original owner who at the time was a high school football coach and teacher to the current owner had sold this Javelin to a gentleman with name Charles Gerancher, which is the father of the current owner. Charles with the help of some friends and AMC club members, had restored this Javelin in the original factory condition. But also he added the side pipes, roof spoiler and the trunk rack which were originally available from the factory or dealership.

1969 AMC Javelin HO 290 SST Back

This 1969 AMC Javelin 290 HO SST under the hood is powered by an American Motors 290 cubic-inch, 4.8 liter Typhoon V8 engine. This high-compression engine, with 10:1 compression and four-barrel carburetor was factory rated at 225 horsepower and 300 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is bolted to a Borg Warner T10 4-speed manual transmission which sends the power at the rear wheels.

1969 AMC Javelin HO 290 SST Engine

Charles as a member of the DVAMO, won several awards during the years. But now his son Charles Gerancher Jr. enjoys driving this 1969 AMC Javelin and like his father, he certainly will leave in inheritance this piece of history to the younger generations.

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