1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner A12 Factory Drag Racer

1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner A12

This is what a muscle car is all about, especially when you think of a high-performance Mopar and the best example is this 1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner A12. This Rally Green A12 Road Runner is equipped with a factory high-performance A12 package, which actually doesn’t have all the fancy stuff like the regular Road Runner.

1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner A12 Rear

But this model has the most remarkable super light black fiberglass hood attached with four pins and an air hood scoop, only because of the weight reduction and better air intake. Inside this cold blood racer, there is a beautiful black vinyl interior equipped with a front bench seat, but because the weight reduction this model doesn’t have electric windows either an AC unit.

The 1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner A12 under his black fiberglass hood is equipped with Chryslers 440 cubic-inch, 7.2-liter big-block V8 engine. With 6BBL (three two-barrel carburetors) the engine is factory rated at 390 horsepower and 490 lb.-ft. of torque. Although NHRA rated this A12 Roadrunner at 410 horsepower.

Other good stuff on this A12 Road Runner is the A833 four-speed manual transmission system which spins Dana 60 rear-end with 4.10:1 gears. 15-inch heavy-duty black steel wheels equipped with redline tires. With this factory setup, this A12 Road Runner can achieve mid 13 seconds at 1/4 mile drag strip.

source: V8TV

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