1967 Mercury Cougar V8 Interceptor with Jon Kaase Big-Block under the Hood

1967 Mercury Cougar V8 Interceptor Front

Today’s 1967 Mercury Cougar is a custom build that defines the luxury and the power in one place, better known as project V8 Interceptor. The man behind this build is the grates hot rodder and muscle car enthusiast we have ever seen, Stacey David. Therefore, without further due, let’s jump in and see what’s behind this custom build pro-touring ‘67 Cougar.  

1967 Mercury Cougar V8 Interceptor Back

We have mentioned above, this 1967 Mercury Cougar is a pro-touring build, which means it has lowered body, stiff suspension, powerful brakes, and wider tires, ready to take an action on any race track or even drag strip. On the other side, this Cougar is elegant and has many luxurious features.   

1967 Mercury Cougar V8 Interceptor Interior

The exterior has a black body with shiny chromed trim, while the interior is pure luxury. Inside there is a high-quality brown leather interior with suede inserts and a glossy woodgrain dashboard. Also, inside it is equipped with a modern media screen, AC unit, comfortable modern bucket seats, and gorgeous three-spoke wood rim steering wheel.   

1967 Mercury Cougar V8 Interceptor Engine

Under the hood, this 1967 Mercury Cougar has one of the most beautiful and powerful engines ever built. Actually, it is Jon Kaase‘s 520 cubic-inch Boss Nine big-block V8 engine with a Hilborne fuel injection on top. This engine produces an incredible 850 horsepower and 750 lb.-ft. of torque. Underneath it is equipped with a Total Cost suspension up front, and TCI Engineering at the back, connected to Schott Wheels wrapped with Goodyear tires. All the wheels are secured with Wilwood 6-piston calipers and slotted rotors. Enjoy the video below. 

source: GearHeadTour

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