1958 Plymouth Fury – The Famous Christine

1958 Plymouth Fury

It’s easy to praise the superhero cars, but what about a villain one. If you remember the movie “Christine” from 1983, than you know the 1958 Plymouth Fury very well. On the video bellow you will see one of just two “Christines” still in existence. Driving this car is probably scary, because you’ll never know when you are going to be kicked out of the car.

1958 Plymouth Fury

There are so many details on this Plymouth that brings you back in the 1950s, the skinny steering wheel, the bench seat, and the perfect chrome everywhere, especially from the inside. This model year is powered by a Chryslers 5.2 liter – 318 cubic inch V8 engine that produces around 290 horsepower. Instead of getting power and speed, you are awarded with smooth ride, great sound and just a great experience.

source: theAFICIONAUTO

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