1500 Horsepower Twin-Turbo Diesel 1970 Plymouth Cuda “Torc”

1500 Horsepower Twin-Turbo Diesel 1970 Plymouth Cuda “Torc”

At the 2016 Detroit Autorama motor show has been introduced one of the craziest Mopar ever built. All-steel 1970 Plymouth Cuda so called the “Torc”, built by Weaver Customs. And you probably will say, that is another Hemi Cuda, actually this is Cummins Cuda and of course it’s diesel. Just look at this Cummins powered Cuda, it has been fabricated nicely with incredible stance and unique design.

1500 Horsepower Twin-Turbo Diesel 1970 Plymouth Cuda "Torc"

This 1970 Plymouth Cuda doesn’t look at all like a classic muscle car because has been completely reshaped. Don’t be fooled, although it sounds like an everyday diesel truck this Cuda has extreme power under the hood. This 1970 Plymouth Cuda actually has borrowed the engine from the 2010 Ram pickup truck. Which is a Twin-Turbo, 6.7 liter Cummins Diesel engine tuned by Gorilla Performance and produces 1000 horsepower and 2500 lb. -ft. of torque at the rear wheels.

This diesel engine beside the twin Borg-Warner turbos (S366 primary, S460 secondary), has an additional NOS system which can boost this engine up to 1500 horsepower. The 18×8 front and 20×15 rear Forgeline wheels are equipped with Mickey Thompson S/R radials and secured with Wilwood 6-piston calipers and 14-inch rotors. The enormous power of the diesel engine is transferred via 48RE fully manual with TH 400 output conversion at the 9-inch Ford rear end. The special designed chassis is made by Roadster Shop, which can withstand the insanely powerful engine.

Source: Hot Rod

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