Factory 1967 Chevy C/28 by Chip Foose

1967 Chevy C/28 by Chip Foose

This is how would look like a factory 1967 Chevy C10 Custom truck with a Z/28 power package if Chevrolet decided to build it back in ’67. Therefore, nowadays the world famous car designer and builder Chip Foose has decided to put a little bit of his magic on this classic Chevy truck.

1967 Chevy C/28 by Chip Foose

Actually, this is a Franken Chevy truck because it has also a factory ’67 Camaro Z/28 parts on it, such as the bumpers, the mirror, the engine and the steering wheel. Nevertheless, this combination between these two legendary Chevy vehicles has given an astonishing result.

1967 Chevy C/28 by Chip Foose

From a technical point of view, this 1967 Chevy C/28 truck is powered by a 302 cubic-inch Small-block MO-code V8 engine, producing 465 horsepower. The engine is attached by a Bowler 5-speed manual Transmission. In addition, it is equipped with a 2-inch Hotchkis suspension, Magna Flow exhaust and disc brakes on all four wheels. Enjoy the video! 

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